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The mission of this site is to provide you with answers to many questions that are frequently asked about being autonomous on the web. A neutral point of view will be used to be as objective as possible.


I have been in business almost all of my life, starting at the age 8. Sounds unbelievable? Read on 😉

At the age of 8, I already had a paper route, which I devellopped into “MY” territory to offer EVERY available newspaper that was available in the area to the people who lived within it. It started with one single weekly paper delivered door to door, every weekend, and devellopped into a daily route of all 6 daily papers and the 2 weekly ones.

Within the same period that I delivered papers, I also played organ in a shopping center to demonstrate that “if it’s easy for a +/- 10 years kid to play popular songs on the organ, why wouldn’t it be easy for you too?” Obviously I didn’t know back then that was the reason why they hired me (with my parents’ approval) that it was the reason behind my job, but now I clearly realize it. 😉

There have been a few breaks along the way, but I always came back to generating my own income.

Now I’m not gonna go through ALL of my business experience history, but I guess that just with the above, you get the drift. 😉

I have tried MANY popular (or not so popular) ways of having my own business like MLM’s and other similar businesses, but there was always a little something missing.

How do I IMPROVE my results? – How can I use these results to generate even more income?

THAT was my questionning!


So, in short, the reason why I created this site is to help other people whom, like me, feel they have the business cord vibrating in them and want to fine tune it to make a full song of success in their life!

All the best,


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